Thursday, September 24, 2009

L'Amour des Jeunes

I hear a lot about how love sucks. And, nine times out of ten, I do agree. At a young age (teenagers, college types, those that the French would call 'des jeunes') love most typically ends in pain. But who's to say that it's not real? And who's to say that it doesn't feel wonderful while it lasts? Personally, I believe that all love is real while it's happening. Perhaps not melodramatic teenage rantings about how they 'really connected' with their drunken hookup at a party, but people in relationships of most degrees of steadiness do often feel real love. Sure, it may not be marriage-material love, but love it is, because it feels just as wonderful and hurts just as badly as any other kind of romantic affection.

When you're young, love is often flamingly passionate and melodramatic and completely wonderful. It's not often permanent, but it's lovely while it lasts. Some couples are quick to say 'I love you,' while others--which are often showcased on bad TV shows--freak out at those three fateful words. I'm not sure where I fall in those two groups, but that's ok--lots of people are in the middle ground. Some people oppose love in their young years, but they still very well may feel it. I think that romantic affection of any kind--crushes, love, and that weird in-between ground between crush and love that has yet to receive a name (Let's call it 'limbo-rock'.)--is one of the most inflexible emotional groups to exist. I've logicked my way out of many a feeling, but never out of
romantic feelings. I think it's just impossible. The combination of hormones, pheromones, emotions, and stimulus is just too great to resist, no matter how hard you try.

Even though I believe that all love is real, I can't say that I believe that it merits early sex. Try as I might, I'm stuck in my old-fashioned belief that the teenage/college years are too early to be makin' the babies--even with protection. It can still lead to a baby. Sorry. It's true. Either way, love does-not-equal sex, and vice versa. There's intense pressure to have sex, though, which kind of sucks when you're a lone straightedge in a world of risk-takers; especially when you're in limbo-rock. There's even temptation, though it's stained with the heady odor of don't-you-fucking-DARE-you-will-regret-this-SO-MUCH-later. So, my dear teenage allies, don't let love get in the way of logic and get you laid before you're ready, ok? Be ready. Be SURE you're ready. (OHMYGODOFFTOPIC I SOUND LIKE A FREAKISH PARENT.....)

So I guess my random rant is over.... drop me a comment if you feel like it.


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