Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trop Folle

Random girl in JBHS Hallway: OK, so I did NOT have sex with that cabbage!

Hey, yeah, so I finally snapped. Like, f'serious snappage. I got so tired of the endless "the wrath" that I flipped out and screamed at my dad for around a half hour. Like, full on mental breakdown, shouting about how she treats me lately and how I'm about to snap and the whole nine yards. Yeahhhhh. So now the madre is trying to tone it down because m'dad told her how totally insane I went... who knows how long it'll last for, but at least she's treading lightly around me for the moment. Good. Because I was seriously considering leaving for a while, and if she keeps it up I probably will. Leave, that is.

I still need to tell her about vous-savez-qui too. Not lookin' forward to that. She'll just use him as another "reason" (totally unfounded) for my "slipping grades" (how about SHE tries high school?). But I have to tell her eventually.

Aaaanyways, I am finally DONE with finals, a very good thing, and play practice and crew are starting again, another good thing. Only for some reason nobody knows when the rehearsal is tomorrow. Niiiice. I really need to find this out.

Anxiety is starting to get to me.... I haven't been sleeping again. Ahh, insomnia.
Wish me luck!


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