Monday, January 12, 2009

Ah, la vie, je l'adore...

Teacher: You guys are going home soon, right?
Sam: Yeah, my mom's not coming ever!

Today, I feel the pressing need to not only distract myself from the impending doom of finals, but recount a story that I, for one, found more than a little hilarious. Now, the original story belongs to the Playwrite, since she was there and everything, so you're all getting this second hand and I certainly hope that I don't screw up too badly.

So this story originates in the Playwrite's Driver's Ed class last year. During the break, one guy went to the vending machine with the intent to purchase some cookies. Now, the pack of cookies in question was lying on TOP of those lovely annoying coils that dispense the confections. Unfazed, our purchaser put in his money, believing that FATE was on his side!

Yeah, right.

So the cookies don't move. Slowly, people start to wonder what happened to this guy and wander over for the traditional, "What the hell is taking so long, man?" Soon, more money is being contributed to this effort. People try to jostle the cookies free through the cookies' own coils, by knocking another item of food
onto the cookies, etc. etc. Nothing works.

And now it's
on. Like, serious man versus machine, here.

Now, from what I've heard, this Driver's Ed class was divided into many concrete, unmixing cliques. But when it became a matter of
cookies, cliques were cast aside and all the burly young folk banded together to tip the vending machine over and liberate those goddam cookies!!!

But of course, it didn't work.

Accepting defeat, our heroes went back to their Driver's Ed class, their minds still on the cookies that got away.
And the kicker was, the next day, the cookies were

Now, as this story was being recounted by the Playwrite to me and a few of our comrades, Sean (who has yet to get a clever nickname?) suddenly exclaimed, "
OHMYGOD." He was hushed by an eager Playwrite, who wanted to finish her tale. When she came to the end, she asked him what he was "OHMYGOD-ing" about, and he said sheepishly, "Yeah.... I got those cookies."

Irony's a bitch, my friends.
A really,
really hilarious bitch.


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